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Identify and unlock talent potential

Use Succession Planner to track mission-critical skills, roles, and competencies. Then, identify high-performing and high-potential employees. Add these employees to talent pools and equip them with development resources to upskill their capabilities and from a strong workforce.

Intuitive visualisation of talent data

Nine-box grid provides clear insights into your entire organisation's performance and potential in a singular view. Identify your team's capabilities and development needs. Stay ready for any scenario while providing personalised approaches for each employee.

Boost employee retention

Using Career Center, engage employees with career planning and management tools. Match employees with their best-fit roles; allow them to actively partake in career planning and development internally. Employees can maintain internal resumes, show career preferences, research career mobility, and search for jobs through your organisation.

Transparent career pathing

Consider both internal and external candidates based on leadership qualities, defined attributes, and career preferences. Reduce recruiting & training costs, drive talent mobility, and enhance the employee experience using proactive skill development and career pathing.

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