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Cornerstone Succession

Identify and retain your best employees.

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Develop Your Talent Pipeline for the Future

With an aging workforce, growing shortage of skilled talent, and increasing career mobility, succession planning has become critical to organisational success. Cornerstone Succession allows organisations to create succession plans that benchmark skills and competencies, identify skill gaps, and implement development plans to bridge those gaps.

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Succession Planner & Talent Pools

Track mission-critical skills, roles, and competencies and assemble high-potential employees with <strong>succession software</strong>. Create a pool of talented resources which can be drawn upon, as needed.

9-box Grid

Visualize the performance and potential information for the entire organisation to clearly identify your team&#39;s capabilities and <strong>employee development</strong> needs.

Career Center

Provide <strong>career planning</strong> and management tools to booset employee retention and help the organisation align employees with the best-fit roles.

Internal Recruiting

Systematically consider both internal and external candidates based on defined attributes and employee career preferences, reducing recruiting and training costs.

  • Succession Planner & Talent Pools
  • 9-box Grid
  • Career Center
  • Internal Recruiting
Dynamically generate lists of qualified potential successors for any position.
Plots employees along an easy to read matrix that clearly identifies top and under performers.
Display potential paths for career development within the organisation.
Search for internal candidates based on specific attributes.

Benefits of Cornerstone Succession

Cornerstone provides the tools organisations need to proactively address workforce planning issues and drive succession planning deep within the organisation.

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Know and Develop Your Talent

Gain valuable insights into employee experience, expertise, performance, and career goals. Identify skills gaps and align employee development opportunities for these gaps to prepare your workforce for current and future needs. Recognize high potential employees throughout the whole organisation and position them for leadership success.

Foster Strategic Succession

Proactively address workforce planning issues with succession plans that identify talent pools for furture roles and map career paths years before a critical workforce gap occurs. Develop multiple succession scenarios for any postion within the organisation and develop tomorrow's leaders. Determine hiring needs based on projected staffing needs and attrition rates.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Empower employees to take a more active role in their career development by providing them with tools to share career preferences and discover development opportunities. Help employees build skills and follow career paths that are aligned with organisational needs, driving engagement and increasing motivation.

Improve Organisational Alignment

Develop career paths that are aligned with organisational needs and future goals with business succession planning. Link learning activities with competency gaps, ensuring employees proactively build necessary skills for current and future business needs and are placed in the best-fit roles.

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