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Improve the talent acquisition process with modern & efficient recruiting software.

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Hire the Right Talent Faster

Quickly identifying the right candidates who are most likely to stay in a job is critical to your organization's bottom line. Cornerstone Selection uncovers which candidates are the most promising at the point of application — giving recruiters the ability to focus on those candidates who are the best fit for your culture, the position, and most able to drive your business forward.

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Social Recruitment Software

Reach targeted talent directly with matching technology for social network profiles, and use built-in tools to encourage, manage and measure.

Applicant Management

Streamline the recruiting process with tools to manage offer letters, interview feedback, compliance management, and applicant tracking.

Employee Referral System

Leverage your employee’s networks for casting the net to source better quality candidates and improve the quality of hires.

Configurable Career Sites

Deliver the best candidate experience with an easy-to-use career web site that clearly delivers your organisation’s employer brand and differentiators.

Cornerstone Selection

Predictive hiring that continually learns how to select the best candidates for frontline jobs by responding to business outcomes.

  • Social Recruitment Software
  • Applicant Management
  • Employee Referral System
  • Configurable Career Sites
  • Cornerstone Selection

Benefits of Cornerstone Selection

For high-volume, lower-skill roles, a lot of time is spent sorting through qualifications, interviewing and even hiring candidates who are a bad fit for an open position and your organization. For highly skilled workers, every day lost not operating at full capacity is a significant loss for employers. Cornerstone solves these problems using our cutting-edge technology, your data, and a continuous optimization approach.

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Top Recruiting Software

Provide recruiters with easy to use applications to attract, target and identify candidates with desired skills and experience in a competitive job economy. Improve your recruiting strategy with configurable career sites that execute your employer brand.

Collaborative Recruitment Software

Make sure that recruiters, HR leaders, and hiring managers have the very best application tracking tools ( ATS ) to work with during the hiring process. Give everyone involved an organised way to rate and review candidates, and offer feedback regarding the status of positions and candidates.

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Seamlessly Onboard Employees

Cornerstone Recruiting and Onboarding together can accelerate new-hire engagement and impact with automated forms, and social portals to broaden your access to people and resources in the employee beginning of the employee lifecycle.

Unified Talent Management Software

Only Cornerstone provides a unified solution to seamlessly hire, onboard, and align new talent to organisational goals and get them productive fast. Bring together critical recruiting and onboarding activities with important talent management functions.

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