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Maximum results with any type of training.

The Cornerstone Learning Cloud optimises your talent by delivering highly targeted, highly customisable training of any kind. This means instead of randomly assigned learning initiatives, your training will actively address identified competency and skill gaps, driving organisational productivity and efficiency. We also know that compliance risk is real. The Learning Cloud includes tools to manage any kind of one-off or recurring certification or licensing requirements.

Learning Cloud part of our Talent Management Suite

Learn more about how Cornerstone can help your organisation get the most out of its human capital and realise a rapid return on investment when it comes to learning management.

eLearning Learning Management

Our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) allows you to publish and deploy media-rich content. Pre-loaded templates, as well as test, assessment and collaboration tools, allow you to design and deliver courses without prior programming knowledge.

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Features Include:
  • Course Publisher
  • LCMS Developer License
  • Offline Player
  • Access to Over 30,000 Learning Titles From Leading E-Learning Providers
  • Automated Workflow, Assignment & Tracking Capabilities

Instructor-led training Instructor-Led Training

Trainer-led training guarantees that your workforce gains knowledge and insight in a face-to-face, collaborative setting. Trainer-led training not only increases employee engagement through blended learning, but also organisations get the most out of their employee development plans.
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Features Include:
  • Event Administration
  • Provider/Vendor Management
  • Virtual Classroom Integration
  • Automated Registration & Roster Administration
  • Advanced Waitlist Management & Interest Tracking

Cornerstone OnDemand Social Collaboration Social Collaboration

Cornerstone delivers a complete business social networking and employee collaboration platform. This includes communities of practice, rich user profiles, expertise location, tag clouds, status updates, live feed views, rating/sharing content, knowledge management, blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and more.
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Features Include:
  • Groups & Communities
  • Networking & Connections Across Dispersed Employee Populations
  • Document Management
  • Rich User Profiles, Status Updates & Live Feed Views
  • Ability to Rate & Share Content

Compliance Compliance & Certification Management

Cornerstone Compliance solutions automate the administration and oversight of compliance management processes to ensure your organisation is in line with the latest regulatory requirements.  Our Compliance module provides clear, real-time visibility into your company’s regulatory activities, minimising associated risk while transforming an administrative nightmare into a significant opportunity for cost savings and improved business outcomes.

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Features Include:
  • Forms Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Custom Certifications
  • Automated Development Planning
  • Visibility Into Your Company's Compliance Activities

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