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“We now have an improved ability to make informed choices about our talent strategies and investments.”

Managing Change with Social Learning

A leader in global payment services, Western Union helps people and businesses move money. In 2015, the Western Union Company completed 262 million consumer-to-consumer transactions worldwide, moving $82 billion of principal between consumers and completing 508 million business payments.

Due to an earlier acquisition, Western Union relied on two different learning management systems (LMS) to deliver, manage and report on development for employees across 59 countries. According to Joshua Craver, vice president of talent management at Western Union, “It was fragmented. Some things were managed by one system, some by another. People were housing learning and training on different platforms.”

Evaluations were managed via external surveys, leaving Craver and his team with little data of real value. “When I transitioned to this role, I asked for qualitative and quantitative stats, but we weren’t reporting on talent data and metrics very well. There was no centralized system of record.”

"Cornerstone enables us to tell data-driven stories, which supports us in making important business decisions. We now have an improved ability to make informed choices about our talent strategies and investments."
Joshua Craver, Vice President of Talent Management
Western Union

Why Cornerstone

Part of Craver’s new role as vice president was evaluating the ef ciency and effectiveness of both learning systems, and to select one for use across the entire company. “The other system was fragmented and focused on one capability. It couldn’t connect talent review and development opportunities. Cornerstone became our partner of choice. It gave us the opportunity to manage our talent around the world and create communities for shared and gami ed learning.”

Cornerstone’s commitment to listening to clients was also a factor. “We were impressed with how Cornerstone leverages the community of users to drive improvements,” said Craver. “Talent management must evolve to align with how people are living their lives, and Cornerstone is a company that continues to evolve.”

The migration of data from the old LMS took only ve weeks. Getting new users up to pro ciency was also done in record time. “A LMS should be intuitive and easily accessible anytime, anywhere. It should also be easy for employees to use,” said Craver. “Cornerstone does that quite well.”




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