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Empowering Employees Through Digital Transformation

Hipoges Iberia

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"Thanks to Cornerstone we have managed to empower our employees, making them the owners of their work development processes. Motivation and engagement has increased throughout the workforce and we have managed to awaken their interest in taking more courses than required in their development plans. The dynamic environment of the organisation together with the promotion of people development has captured the attention of all our employees."
Javier Lores
Chief HR Officer

Today, the business is focussed on market analysis in order to keep growing, innovating and remain competitive. Therefore, one of the key criteria for selecting the right human capital management platform was the scalability to manage the processes without limitations on the number of employees. Additionally, HipoGes needed to unify the processes across the different countries where it is present because, although the culture and legislation may vary, with a flexible and modern system it would be easier to replicate the different processes.

One of the business goals for choosing the right solution was to be able to bring together all the processes into one central platform, this includes employee development, career management, compliance, recruiting and onboarding. In addition, the requirement for a flexible and agile solution was key in selecting Cornerstone’s people development solutions.

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