Recruitment hacking: it’s time to break out of admin mode
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Recruitment hacking: it’s time to break out of admin mode

Recruitment Hacking

Recruitment hacking: it’s time to break out of admin mode

October 30, 2015 Peter Gold

In every professional job a certain amount of admin work outside your usual scope can be expected, but when it starts to interfere with your effectiveness it can be frustrating. Every minute adds up, and before you know you’re losing hours that could be better spent.

This appears to be the case for recruiters right now, with a recent Cornerstone OnDemand European focus group of 53 in-house recruiters showing in-house recruiters spend almost two hours each day on administrative tasks.

The statistic should not be taken lightly. The hours add up to a whole work day each week, meaning there could be both productivity and financial ramifications for businesses due to the lost time.

In the study, 44 per cent of respondents said their most time-intensive task is searching for candidates, following by reviewing CVs and applications (22 per cent), and conducting interviews (18 per cent).

It’s no surprise then that in-house recruiters would like to spend more time doing these results-based tasks by incorporating more ‘recruitment hacking’ techniques. Recruitment hacking is the concept of using technology, shortcuts and new ideas to automate tasks, eradicate low-value activities, and focus on activities that help them find and hire the right talent.

These techniques could reduce process inefficiencies and increase personalisation, and more resources are required to help recruiters take control. Cornerstone OnDemand is doing its bit with its latest eBook, “Recruitment Hacking: Hire the Best First,” written for in-house recruiters with hard-to-fill vacancies and high volume roles with few appropriate applicants.

Ultimately, we’re in a position where the talent has the power and finding said talent is becoming more difficult all the time. Recruiters have to work hard to be noticed, and even harder when trying to persuade the best talent to join them. It’s a candidate-driven market, and recruiters need all the time they can get.

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