Why internal recruiting will benefit your business
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Why internal recruiting will benefit your business


Why internal recruiting will benefit your business

April 18, 2018 Marc Altimiras

To fill an open vacancy in an organisation, there are two paths employers can go down. The obvious one is to hire someone completely new to the organisation through the usual recruitment process. The less obvious route is to promote existing employees to new roles, offering them a new challenge.

This practice can promote the retention and attraction of talent, optimising the professional routes of employees, resulting in improved productivity and performance of the company.

Here are some of the other advantages to considering your existing employees for vacant positions before recruiting outside of your organisation.

Already in the know

Existing employees are already familiar with your processes and policies, so their onboarding will be less costly and time consuming. In addition, they will already have an established reputation among the teams and will be familiar with the culture of the office, allowing the employee to easily move into their new role.

Knowing what is expected

In many cases, your company has the option to fill the new role by promoting someone in the existing team. It is likely that this employee will already know the tasks required of them in their role as they already know the business. They’ll know what is expected of them in this new role and will be prepared to take the next step in their career. Promoting from within will contribute to employee development and motivation, resulting in an improved workforce.

Internal promotions can direct career progress

When someone is promoted to a new role, they will get a confidence boost and feel encourage to develop their professional career. In addition to rewarding those who have proven their value to the company, it can also motivate other employees to increase their productivity and optimise their performance.

The promise of professional progress increases engagement

The key to maintaining engagement amongst the work force is to encourage the motivation and commitment of the workforce. Internal mobility encourages employees to work hard and continually feel challenged, reaffirming the senior management’s confidence in their employee’s ability. The result? Your employees feel valued and rewarded.

Internal mobility benefits the employer brand

Given all the above, internal mobility is not only beneficial for the company and its employees but it also reflects well on the employer brand. Internal mobility is seen as an attractive trait for external candidates as it shows that the company rewards their own employees and encourages internal learning and career development.

Companies that are able to attract the best talent and promote from within will likely have a more motivated and engaged workforce, resulting in a greater business impact.  

About Marc Altimiras

Marc Altimiras is Regional Vice President South Europe at Cornerstone OnDemand, leading the sales operations for Spain and Italy.  Mark has over 20 years' experience in enterprise solutions sales and business strategy. He has a passion for people, technology and... more


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