The acceleration of the digital revolution
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The acceleration of the digital revolution


The acceleration of the digital revolution

June 22, 2015 Sascha Grosskopf

According to Graeme Hubbard, technology business partner at Manpower Group’s workforce consultancy Right Management, “in the next 10 years, we’ll see more disruptive technology emerging than we did in the last 20 as change continues to gather pace and becomes the new norm”. These changes in the HR workplace are driven by demands to modernize talent management, lessen administrative workload and pressure on companies to perform better and especially faster.

Here are some of the biggest drivers of HR’s digital evolution:

1) New Market environment – complex and fast

The use of new technologies and the increasing automation lead to more speed and complexity and thus to completely new demands on companies, employees and HR. This complex situation makes proven strategies obsolete concerning leadership and development, employee recruitment and retention.

2) Change of perspective

HR must be able to reflect such massive changes in the market and to translate them into concrete actions. But that can only happen if HR changes the perspective - from inside to the outside. It is no longer primarily a question of facilitating the administrative work of HR departments, but active talent management to operate globally and adapt processes to the needs of employees.

3) In step with the trends

HR must also be able to integrate fundamental market trends in HR strategies. Therefore HR needs to modernize. Technologies are not only a challenge but also offer a wide range of possibilities to speed up and simplify the personnel process, for example by opening up new recruiting channels and using the integration of mobile devices for active communication.

4) Redefining Leadership: networking at all levels

Future global teams are even stronger than now collaborate virtually. Companies therefore need to invest in new forms of communication and collaboration in order to give the management levels the necessary tools to coordinate and lead virtual teams, this means a stronger interaction between HR and managers.

In a survey of 2,500 workers across Europe, Accenture Strategy revealed that more than four times as many think of digital technologies as as having a positive impact on their working lives as opposed to having a negative effect. HR is running the risk of disappearing due to this unclear position into insignificance and modern HR software helps companies to maintain their independence from the market.

It is important to really understand the needs of the company and to deliver value-added solutions. In consequence, this means a new way of communicating: Open and always accessible systems for employees, managers and departments, user-friendly and always and everywhere available.

About Sascha Grosskopf

Sascha Grosskopf is Head of the EMEA Fieldmarketing team at Cornerstone OnDemand, he is a digital leader, story teller, presenter and well known in the HR-Tech space - he knows how HR can make the big change for organisations.


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