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Visually explore your talent data to make better workforce decisions.

Understand Your Talent Data Faster

Cornerstone View enables business leaders to easily search, filter, and compare people with interactive data visualisation tools anytime on a tablet device. Access centralised talent data from across your Cornerstone Unified Talent Management products such as Performance, Succession and Compensation. Once a short list of people has been created with the interactive visualisation tools, leaders can share lists with others to answer critical workforce questions.

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View People

Easily find the right candidate to fill a position, select high potential employees for succession, or identify high performers for special projects.

Cross Product Analysis

Quickly compare selected employees' succession metrics and performance reviews to reveal meaningful insights about your people.


Filter employees across multiple categories such as location, division, performance and tenure. Display performance rating by color and sort by category.

Organise & Share Lists

Easily create multiple lists that can be shared with others to further collaborate on talent decisions. Access your lists anytime and continuously explore your talent data to draw meaningful insights.

View Data

Easily create powerful data visualisations and filter down from the organisational level to the individual – quickly surfacing insights you can easily miss in reports and data tables.

  • View People
  • Cross Product Analysis
  • Filters
  • Organise & Share Lists
  • View Data

Benefits of Cornerstone View

Your organisation is only as powerful as its people, and you should be able to understand who your talent is quickly and easily. With interactive visualisation tools, leadership can easily draw conclusions from their data to make the right talent decisions by comparing different metrics.

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View makes powerful people analytics easy. View is the fastest and simplest way to understand your talent data and solve complex workforce problems. See all of your talent metrics in a single place through an easy-to-share, intuitive tool.

Smarter Decisions

Important people decisions cannot wait. As an end-to-end, integrated talent intelligence solution, Cornerstone View is purpose built to deliver diagnostic analytics with permission-based access.

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Meaningful Insights

One of the greatest advantages of an organically-built talent management system is a centralised database that lies under the surface. This allows your organisation to holistically translate raw data across products into meaningful actions.