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Your personalised path to success

Go Live With Confidence

A completely tailored implementation experience

Setting up any new solution can be challenging. We're here to navigate you through the twists and turns. Experts are on standby to simplify the complexities so you can focus on what matters: making an impact.

Your implementation experience is built on these core pillars:


We will help you find the right fit to implement your solutions, based on your unique needs.

Depth and Breadth

A vast ecosystem of highly certified Cornerstars and partners can implement your solutions at any scale.


Professionals focused on ensuring a successful, quality implementation experience.

Made to Order

A guided plan custom fit for your business

Whether you’re rolling out one module or our full suite, we'll work with you to create a simple, guided plan that makes a big impact

Moving Your Data

A faster, simpler experience

You have an important job. Don't worry about converting existing data to fit with your new solution. Cornerstone takes care of everything. We remove the time-consuming data-conversion burden so you can focus on what's important: your people.
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