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Cornerstone Reporting

Use your talent data to make better workforce decisions.

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Understand Your Data with Graphical Reporting

Cornerstone Reporting gives you a powerful set of tools to improve employee engagement and productivity. Know what is really happening with your workforce and optimise their performance through fact-based decision making. Have complete control and visibility of your data for all types of reporting using our suite of self-serve reporting tools and visually rich executive dashboards.

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Standard Reports

Our proprietary business intelligence tools, embedded within Cornerstone, provide access to a rich reporting library with more than 150 standard real-time reports, allowing you to quickly deliver key data to your stakeholders.

Custom Reports

Create powerful and highly configurable custom reports with data from across the Cornerstone Unified Talent Management suite. Slice and dice your data, build powerful visualizations, and then download or schedule reports for timed delivery to the right audiences.

Custom Charting

Gain complete control over your data visualizations by adding charts to any custom report. Once your custom charts are set up to meet your business needs, you can then share them with your stakeholders.


Push meaningful data to executives, managers and HR staff with Cornerstone Dashboards. Configure the dashboards to show information from across the Cornerstone Unified Talent Managment suite in a single view, allowing for transparency and easy access to the information you use the most.

  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Charting
  • Dashboards

Benefits of Cornerstone Reporting

Through our standard report library of more than 150 real-time reports, our fully customisable engine, and intuitive data visualisations, our customers get unprecedented insights across their organisation. With Cornerstone Reporting, you can look back retrospectively for compliance reporting and easily conduct day-to-day talent record-keeping.

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Real-Time Data Updates

When it comes to making decisions, access to the latest information is crucial. Most Cornerstone reports are generated in real-time and give you access to what is going on right now in your business.

The Right Data in the Right Hands at the Right Time

Schedule reports to be delivered to key executives at the moment of need. Roll out slick, graphical dashboards from across the talent management suite to your managers and let them access the data they need most.

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Unified Data Across the Employee Lifecycle

One of the great advantages of an organically built talent management system is the unified data model that lies under the surface. With Cornerstone, you access data from all of your people management processes seamlessly and from a single source.

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