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Attract the top candidates

Deliver a superior candidate experience – with relevant, interactive content – so that job seekers get excited about your company.

Engage the most qualified candidates

Attract the right talent by tailoring career sites to your specific hiring scenarios. Connect with passive candidates, offer relevant, localised content, and a highly consumerised search experience.

Make applying easier than ever

Don't lose great candidate; convert more job seekers to applicants with a streamlined experience. Utilise features such as apply with social profiles and application branching questions to ensure the apply process is pain-free and relevant.

Foster internal mobility

The skills and talent you need may already exist within your organisation. Internal Career Sites make it easy for internal employees to search, learn about, and apply to open jobs. Help employees achieve their career goals by showing them how their current skills align to the skills needed for their desired role, improving employee retention and internal mobility.

Boost candidate traffic

From configurable career sites to social job sharing and employee referrals, Cornerstone provides the tools you need so you can reach wider audience - increasing the flow of top talent.

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