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Onboard effectively

Provide a positive start with a personalised, modern onboarding that equips new hires with the right resources and helps them quickly acclimate.

Personalise the new hire experience

Our employee onboarding software enables you to tailor resources based on a new hire's specific position - avoiding wasted effort on absorbing irrelevant information. Free up time for new hires to focus on meaningful activities that accelerates productivity.

Centralise all onboarding activity

Our onboarding software automates and centralises the entire employee onboarding process. Customise workflows to appoint task owners and approvers, assign tasks, and efficiently implement your onboarding processes.

Go paperless

Create custom forms to gather critical employee information. Workflow automation makes collecting, tracking, approving, and storing all forms and documents easy· saving time and reducing paperwork.

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Speak to an expert who can walk you through the ways Cornerstone can benefit your specific situation.

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