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Select the best-fit applicants

Struggling with time-consuming candidate selection and applicant tracking processes? Have one central location to easily manage candidates through the hiring process and better understand your candidate pipeline.

Understand your candidate pipeline

Make it easier to find and identify the best candidate for the job. Have one central place to manage and take action on all your candidates across all your requisitions, so you can capture a complete picture of your entire talent pipeline.

Efficiently screen and evaluate candidates

Streamline your process and promote fairness in hiring. Our candidate screening tools ensure you’re only focused on qualified candidates and apply common standards for evaluation against job requirements – allowing you to hire faster and smarter.

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Improve candidate discovery

Search your entire database to discover untapped talent. Segmenting and finding candidates is made easy with powerful tools, such as filters and tags, that allow you to efficiently sift through candidates. Use profile match to find candidates just like your highest performing employees.

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Speak to an expert who can walk you through the ways Cornerstone can benefit your specific situation.

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