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Recruiting software simplified so you can focus on what matters

Find the right talent with the right social tools, applicant tracking, simple to configure career sites, easy onboarding as well as a painless candidate experience.

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Attract the right talent, engage candidates, enable smarter hiring decisions, and make onboarding easy

Attract the right candidates

Showcase your employer brand and culture with interactive media to better attract the best-fit candidates. Then, convert more job seekers into applicants with an intuitive application process.

Select the best fit applicants

From searching for internal and external candidates to receiving suggestions on passive candidates who match requisition criteria, gain a holistic view into your entire talent pool and easily identify best fit candidates.

Enable your hiring team

Automate workflows to simplify the hiring process and ensure the hiring team takes the right actions, with the right candidates, at the right time. Leverage a central place to view and drill into specific details about candidates across requisitions.

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Onboard effectively

Getting new hires productive quickly and effectively can be a challenge. Make the new hire experience more engaging and effective with personalised new hire onboarding portals that provide tailored, interactive, and self-paced content from the world's #1 learning solution.

Make data-driven decisions

Get the data you need to uncover bottlenecks and make improvements for faster time to hire and onboarding. You can also take advantage of configurable analytics to track and visualise data that is most relevant to you.

An integrated ecosystem

Quickly and easily plug-and-play with a number of pre-built integrations. Leverage our holistic ecosystem so you can effectively support your organisation's unique needs.

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