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Applicant tracking

Simplify the hiring process with an applicant tracking system designed to help you save time and eliminate busywork. Our ATS software provides everything you need to do it all Review and manage job requisitions and candidate information in one place. This way, potential new hires aren't overlooked or lost in the hiring process because of candidate volume. 

Customisable career sites

Interview Management

Effortlessly create a detailed, thorough interview process and coordinate all interview activities in one place. Use tools to schedule interviews and configure interviewer guides. Allow candidates to self-schedule interviews to save time. 


Measure important recruiting metrics and have critical data at your fingertips with Cornerstone's standard and custom reports. Get the data you need to optimise the hiring process and to make smart hiring decisions.

Employee Referrals

Referred employees take less time to hire, are cheaper to hire, onboard quicker, and are more likely to stay. Create an effective referral program by making it easier for employees to share open positions with their network. 

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