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Identify high performers and retain top talent

Maximise productivity with our complete performance management system to know exactly where to find your best talent and tools to support retention.

Visualise your talent landscape

Our performance management software provides a complete and intuitive view of employee data that enables you to create talent pools for strategic placement.

Recognise and reward high-performing behaviours

Recognise outstanding performance with badging and social feedback tools, and continue promoting desired behaviours with incentive management and compensation dashboards in one complete, talent management system.

Retain top talent

Proactively mitigate talent vacancy costs with robust succession planning to create talent pools, and begin conversations around their career progression. Then, create personalised development plans to create a clear path forward.

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One holistic snapshot of an employee

Enjoy a unified experience when assessing your employees. Gain a complete picture of an employee's performance by accessing their goals, competencies, development progress and more in one intuitive location.

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Under 500 employees?

Save 200 hours per year with automated performance management tools for growing businesses.

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Speak to an expert who can walk you through the ways Cornerstone can benefit your specific situation.

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