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Goal Setting

Support a more agile, aligned, and productive workforce while gaining insights into employee performance. Empower people to set meaningful goals aligned to overall business strategies; easily visualise progress and achievements.

Competency Management

With Skills Matrix, identify & close skill gaps, and match the right talent to roles. Unleash your organisation's potential using a detailed skills matrix that provides an intuitive visualisation of your talent data.

Continuous Feedback & Performance Reviews

Providing timely feedback within context is now quick and easy. Nurture a culture of continuous improvement by supporting structured employee-to-manager conversations about goals and performance. Compliment continuous improvement and get accurate business results with performance reviews that use talent abilities to accurately benchmark organisation goals.

Observation checklist

Observe, record, and assess skills in real-time to determine employee competency. Automate both recording and reporting - saving time, reducing workload, and eliminating paper-based evaluation methods.
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