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The Cornerstone Recruitment Cloud adds to Cornerstone's end-to-end talent management capabilities by changing not only the way organisations manage and develop their top talent, but also how they acquire it. And if you're like most organisations, the chances are your next hire either already works there or knows someone who does. 

Recruitment Cloud: part of our Talent Management Suite

Developed with both recruiters and candidates (both internal and external) in mind, the Cornerstone Recruitment Cloud is designed to be natively social and unified with the rest of the Cornerstone Integrated Talent Management suite - driving both external referrals and internal mobility while cutting time to fill and increasing quality of hire.

Screening Recruitment Management

Empower managers, employees and recruiters with the ability to evaluate and track potential candidates. Build powerful custom career sites that bring out the best in your employer brand while delivering an engaging, interactive experience for all users.

Features include:
  • Applicant management
  • Configurable workflow & requisition management
  • Enhanced employer branding & improved candidate experience
Fast and accurate on-boarding process

Sourcing your own talent (employees) Sourcing

Tap into your most powerful source of hire: your own employees. Discover how applicants are connected to employees already in your organisation while putting your workers' networks to work to uncover passive candidates. Create and post job ads across job boards, social networks and talent communities from a single, simple user interface for rapid deployment.

Social network integration in talent management software
Features include:
  • Social network integration
  • Employee referral engine
  • Internal and external candidate search
  • Integration with existing CV databases

Screening Screening & Appraisal

Improve candidate experience by making it easier for external talent to find and apply for relevant jobs, while providing candidates with an insight into the hiring process, so they'll always know their status. Easy to use recruitment management for everyone involved in the hiring process, from the recruiter to the hiring manager to the interview team.

Features include:
  • Certification & skills appraisal
  • Fast and accurate candidate evaluations
  • Collaborative reviews, ratings & rankings
Fast and accurate on-boarding process

Talent Pipeline Talent Pipeline

Build pipeline for future openings while transforming candidate pools into talent communities.  Engage your talent pools with targeted communications, increase awareness of your employer brand and provide internal candidates the training they need to take the next steps in their careers.

Transform candidate pools into talent communities
Features include:
  • Build blended talent pools of internal and external candidates
  • Assign training and appraisals
  • Build relationships and engagement with integrated communication tools

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