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Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement of

Cornerstone OnDemand Limited (“Cornerstone”)

Cornerstone is a leader in cloud-based applications for talent management. Our solutions help organisations recruit, train, manage, and empower their people, thus increasing workforce productivity. Our clients use our solution to source and recruit top talent, develop employees throughout their careers, engage all employees effectively, improve business execution, cultivate future leaders, and integrate with their external networks of customers, vendors, and distributors. As an organisation with worldwide affiliates and subcontractors, Cornerstone is fully committed to preventing slavery and other abuses from taking place in any of our operations.

To meet this commitment and in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Cornerstone ensures that our HR departments across the globe promote safe and fair working conditions and high ethical standards, and responsibly manage social issues. Cornerstone maintains internal guidelines that uphold such values, including a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that is committed to promoting ethical conduct by Cornerstone and its agents and representatives. Employees are also encouraged, via this Code, to report any illegal or unethical behaviour they may be aware of without fear of dismissal or retaliation.

Cornerstone increasingly uses global partners as part of our services implementation process, and we expect each of those partners to meet our high standards regarding human rights and ethical practices.

As a further demonstration of our commitment to such values, we created the ‘Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation’ as a separate non-profit organisation. The Foundation leverages Cornerstone resources in areas and initiatives where, given our expertise, we can have the greatest impact, such as in education and in disaster relief. We believe that by empowering people from the grass-roots level or wherever they may be vulnerable, this will make a small contribution to stamping out modern slavery abuses.

The statement is published pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Cornerstone OnDemand Ltd’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the current financial year.


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