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Create a personalised, modern learning experience

Leverage the only comprehensive learning management solution with a native Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Promote your high-priority content and self-driven development with recommendations from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Align your learners with playlists

Managers and subject matter experts can help organise content tracks for your learners with content in the LMS and from other locations online. Learners can subscribe to playlists to keep up to speed on new developments in critical topic areas.

Leverage machine learning to recommend relevant content

Ease the burden of content curation with machine-learning recommended content based on employee profile attributes, interests, and historical training – all within in your LXP.

Put push and pull capabilities in one place

Now people have everything they need to organise their learning in one place. Learner Home prioritises all the learning they need to get done, puts search capabilities at their fingertips, and prompts self-driven learning with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning recommendations.

Encourage learning in more places with mobile readiness

With native mobile app, learners can download content for offline use, receive push notifications and consume content where and when they need it. Engage learners on their device of choice and provide more opportunities for meaningful development.

Provide social learning for better learning outcomes

Learning in groups can help individuals and teams apply critical skills immediately. Cornerstone Connect provides forums to discuss training, share documents and collaborate on your unique, institutional knowledge.

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