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Train with a holistic learning solution

Deploy a world-class learning solution with automatic assignment, multiple modalities of delivery, informal training capture and easy transcript management to ensure you’re always on top of your compliance game.

Manage your learning programs effortlessly

Each company and compliance effort is unique. Cornerstone has the flexibility to mirror how content assignment, tracking and reporting are automatically distributed. Even if you make a mistake, we have the tools to keep transcripts accurate, clean and audit ready.

Maximise outcomes with blended learning

Not all content is best delivered online. Use instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led (vILT), online microlearning courses, video or whatever modality will help learners absorb and retain knowledge in the most effective way.

Capture on the fly training

Sometimes the best opportunities to learn aren’t scheduled. Express Class allows you to quickly log an impromptu training, group enroll attendees, manage their status, mark them complete in an existing course or start new content. Regardless of how the training occurred, your organisation has the tools to keep and reflect compliance.

Keep learners on track in one place

Learning is just a part of the day-to-day of your workforce. The Learning Experience Platform keeps learners aligned by prioritising content according to due dates and uses smart notifications to keep learners accountable to required training.

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At the ready reporting

Every action is logged to ensure your system is ready for audit. With powerful filtering you can segment your data to see who is compliant by department, region, role, and more. With better insight you can target your follow-up more effectively with the right people.

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