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Build a culture of learning and development

With Cornerstone's learning management software, move beyond the traditional learning management system (LMS) and reinvent the way learning and development initiatives make an impact on employees


Enable continuous learning

Deliver all kinds of learning through a platform your employees will actually use. Provide collaborative tools that engage learners and enable peer-to-peer knowledge capture & sharing to extend learning impact.


Provide a tailored learning experience

Encourage employees to take interest in their development through a personalised learning experience platform. Use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide them with tailored, targeted training. Give your teams the power to build connections and share their skills so they can boost productivity.


Increase employee engagement

Create relevant social learning programs that are accessible anytime and anywhere; build a learning culture that encourages employees to continuously invest in their own development.


Deliver learning anywhere

Our native app, Cornerstone Learn, lets your employees use their mobile device to learn what they want, when they want. Boost completions and engagement by providing a fast, intuitive, and thoughtfully designed mobile experience that your people crave. 


Accelerate employee performance

Develop a cohesive learning experience and connect employees to mentors in order to close skills gaps, enable talent mobility, and grow leaders at all levels of the organisation


Show business value of learning

Only the Cornerstone suite can seamlessly tie employee learning and performance metrics to give executives and managers a clear picture of how learning initiatives impact organisational success
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