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Cornerstone for Technology & Media

Based on decades of industry expertise and client experiences, Cornerstone offers solutions to help tech and media organisations strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


Organisations are transforming their people strategies to drive customer loyalty.

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For an industry at the forefront of innovation and focused on customer success, staying abreast of the latest technology trends is crucial. However, it’s about more than innovation. Employees with tech skills are in intense demand, which makes sourcing and retention all the more difficult. Cultivate talent within by upskilling employees. Train customers and partners with Cornerstone’s sophisticated Extended Enterprise feature. Turnover prevention through increases workplace satisfaction and positive customer service levels.

Realise people potential to drive growth and pipeline numbers.

Keeping up with global customer and market demand along with innovation, creativity, and product life cycles can be challenging for technology organisations. To address these challenges, successful companies adopt talent strategies focused on development. Cornerstone for Technology and Media is based on insights garnered from thousands of successful client experiences. Quickly find skill gaps and assign development opportunities that make sense, such as product training education. Grow your talent pipeline and support organisational growth. Source qualified candidates while retaining your current workforce in a competitive industry. Make informed business decisions with a consolidated view of all data, and give people a clear picture of where they are on their professional journey.

With Cornerstone, you can:

  • Streamline hiring, training, and succession by attracting developing the right people.
  • Motivate and reward employees to work with passion with compensation packages, and a clear correlation between performance & pay.
  • Evangelise, develop, and retain internal talent to impact company profitability while also adhering to regulations.
  • Enable communication and innovation across all sites.
  • Train partners and customers with or without cost with sophisticated Extended Enterprise features that support multiple payment options, supporting amazing flexibility for license management.

Content Anytime

Modern, tailored training boosts employee performance and supports organisational goals.

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Under 1,000 employees?

Develop and motivate employees to enable innovative growth and meet organisational goals.

Cornerstars in Technology & Media

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