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Cornerstone HR

Reimagine HR administration.

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Harness Your Employee Data to Drive Business Performance

Cornerstone HR is a new way to manage people that quickly and cost effectively centralises employee data, improves workforce reporting, and engages employees with a personalised, modern user experience and self-service capabilities to spur productivity.

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Employee & Manager Self-Service

Reach targeted talent directly with matching technology for social network profiles, and use built-in tools to encourage, manage and measure.

Personalised Data Management

Collect employee data across your organisation with customisable forms and dynamically created fields. Supports all employee processes: hires, rehires, terminations and transfers.

Approval Workflows

Automate and standardise administrative processes by routing documents, requests, forms and tasks through configurable approval workflows to reduce errors, costs and paperwork.

Reporting with Effective Dating

Easily report on organisational changes over time and across your combined core employee and talent data with tools to backdate and future date staffing updates and see reasons for change.

  • Employee & Manager Self-Service
  • Personalised Data Management
  • Approval Workflows
  • Reporting with Effective Dating

Benefits of Cornerstone HR

Cornerstone HR enables more effective people management, allowing your team to focus on strategic business challenges. Cornerstone HR unlocks new workforce insights from your existing talent management data and transforms your solution into a system of engagement that you can cost-effectively have up and running in a matter of weeks.

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Get a Holistic Workforce View

See a complete view of your workforce and effectively handle your global, distributed workforce by centralising all employee data in one system so that leaders and HR can make effective, informed decisions in day-to-day career management. With Cornerstone HR, you can consolidate your Cornerstone talent data with administrative data from multiple sources, including local payroll, time and attendance, HRIS or flat files.

Unify with Talent Management Data

Enable HR to focus on more strategic growth-oriented initiatives. Combine critical HR and talent data to drive smarter, more effective people decisions with a complete employee profile.

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Ensure Compliance and Reduce Risks

Easily ensure compliance with an organised, traceable audit trail. Automated approval workflows to standardise business processes and eliminate errors from mishandled requests.