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Manage compensation with ease and precision

Cornerstone's compensation management software automates compensation planning to replace manual processes and error-prone spreadsheets. Simplify processes, reduce paperwork, and provide one place for tasks and approvals with compensation.

Justified compensation decisions

Maintain competitive packages

Make sure your compensation packages are competitive -organisational, performance, and market data provides clear guidelines for building plans. Easily balance market rates with costs and directly link compensation to employee performance.  

Standardise and manage global compensation

Manage comprehensive, global compensation painlessly, securely, and accurately. Build effective global processes and customise based on regional languages, currencies, and other localisation needs. 

Increase adaptability

Use flexible, role-based administration to design and implement compensation task workflows that integrate with compensation plans and performance management. Easily fine-tune budget, salary bands, adjustment guidelines, and compensation templates that match your specific compensation strategy. Further support your strategy with both meaningful, configurable qualitative- and quantitative-reasoning.
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