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Business unbound. Together creating the new world of work.

It's a big day for Saba Customers. We know how significant it is when your technology provider is acquired. We also know you have questions about who we are and what changes you can expect now that Saba is part of Cornerstone. We created this site to answer your questions and keep you informed about what you can expect in the coming weeks and months.

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Now that Saba is part of Cornerstone our first priority for customers is to ensure a smooth and effective transition, while we work with our combined teams to deliver even more value to you. Cornerstone remains deeply committed to Saba's vision and to innovation in solutions to keep talent leaders like you, ahead of the curve. Our unwavering focus on your success drives everything we do at Cornerstone – we will work alongside you to earn your trust, loyalty, and partnership.

We help organisations to recruit, train, and manage their people which impacts every aspect of the employee experience

People making their best work translates into greater business results

The transformation of work was already happening, but is now at hyper speed, as people are asked to be more agile and creative to help their companies thrive. The current crisis has made it clear that the Future of Work is here. As companies need to build organisational agility in order to navigate the rapidly changing world of work, they look to continuous development to build skills and prepare for what’s next.

We’re in your corner

As a strong, sustainable global leader with newly enhanced scale and a true talent visionary for both people and skill experiences, we’re in a powerful position to deliver the right combination of:

Accelerated Innovation for the New World of Work

We will have significantly increased R&D resources to expedite innovation and accelerate delivery of our shared vision for a personalised people experience to meet the new demands of the new world.

Unmatched Global Talent Expertise

Uniting two pioneers in the industry will give you access to more local and global talent and technology expertise to support organisations of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

Expanded Skills, Content, and Talent Insights

Combining more expertise and resources, an expanded content provider ecosystem, and applied AI means deeper talent and skill insights to help you drive your business forward.

A talent management solution is much more than technology

Our approach to customer success is based on this knowledge. It’s about finding a partner who takes the time to understand your organisation’s unique culture and vision, and experts who are willing to work shoulder to shoulder with you to achieve your most aspirational goals or solve your toughest challenges.

  • "Acquiring Saba makes Cornerstone a “super talent” management system, providing deep expertise and availability to partner with HRIS and ERP technology. The combined datasets will provide a treasure trove of data to enable a richer and more personalized experience.” — Dani Johnson, RedThread Research

  • "Cornerstone’s R&D organization is now almost twice the size and can focus on new areas of talent management like talent marketplace, skills cloud, and AI, that will lead the market in the future.” — Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst

  • "This could be a real positive as more and more companies want a truly global solution. Global is so much more than multi-national and it’s what businesses want today. ” — Brian Sommer, Founder & President, TechVentive

  • "The potential for groundbreaking innovation coming from such a large R&D team is very exciting." — Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group

Want to know more? Here's your Saba Customer Guide

This guide should help answer some of your most common questions. But we're right here. Your Saba customer success team and our leadership team are available to address more of your questions whenever you have them.

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Here’s a little more of what you can expect to hear and learn about in the coming weeks. Watch for continued email communications and outreach from your client account team.

Informational town halls

We’re planning virtual town halls hosted by Adam Miller, CEO Cornerstone and Phil Saunders, former CEO of Saba.

User Groups

We’ll continue to host regular virtual user group meetings as an opportunity for more discussion about these changes, and to learn more about product roadmaps.


You’ll be invited to meet us at our first-ever virtual client conference Convergence where you can connect with other clients and learn about product innovations planned.

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