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RSA Improves Employee Engagement and Realises Cost Savings Using Cornerstone OnDemand’s Software

World’s oldest insurance company implements Cornerstone’s talent management solution to provide learning and development to 24,000 global employees

LONDON October 13, 2011 – Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) today announced that RSA Insurance Group plc, the world’s oldest insurance company, is using Cornerstone’s software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based learning and talent management solution to power RSA’s global training and development portal. Using Cornerstone’s platforms forlearning management andenterprise social networking, RSA is able to closely align employee development to organisational growth and help to close skill and knowledge gaps across the company.

Launched in 2010, RSA’s Learning Zone portal provides the company’s 24,000 global employees with convenient, one-stop online access to learning and development (L&D) for “capability-aligned learning” -- helping their people progress in their careers. The portal also gives managers the opportunity to build development plans, assign learning and check on employees’ progress, while bolstering their own capabilities for career advancement. And with offices located in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean, RSA is now able to provide translated, localised learning content in 15 languages to help in maximising global performance.

“Moving to a single global system while still allowing for development of localised content has really helped us to better engage our people,” said Justin Dunn, head of group learning and development, RSA Insurance Group plc. “The beauty of using Cornerstone’s software is that it is giving our employees the opportunity to not only align their development plans with the skills required for their roles today, but also with what their roles will be a year from now. More than 90 percent of our workforce is actively using the Learning Zone, indicating that our employees are really embracing the opportunity to take responsibility for their own L&D.”

Updating RSA’s L&D processes with Cornerstone’s software and allowing for blended learning opportunities – including e-learning, social learning and in-classroom training opportunities – also helped the company to realise significant cost savings.

“Cornerstone’s software allows us to be much more scientific with our L&D objectives. Rather than guessing as to what learning needs to be achieved, we are now able to more easily identify and address skill gaps,” said Dunn. “And by converting classroom-based learning to e-learning courses and reducing the duration of key programmes, we’ve been able to achieve huge cost savings. For example, our ‘Introduction to Insurance’ course, which would have cost over £1 million to deliver face to face, due in most part to travel expenses, now costs only £17,000.”

RSA chose Cornerstone’s solution in part because of its pure, multitenant SaaS delivery model, as well as Cornerstone’s ability to quickly implement a new global system and integrate with RSA’s existing HR data. The company plans to build on the success of the Learning Zone by increasing usage in key areas such as compliance, induction and key business deliverables. The L&D team also is working to expand executives’ use of the platform for mentoring and other initiatives.

“An organisation will get the best results by perceiving and treating learning as an integral part of the organisation’s business strategy,” said Vincent Belliveau, senior vice president and general manager, EMEA for Cornerstone OnDemand. “RSA has shown that by empowering employees to take control over their own learning and career development opportunities, a company can benefit from greater staff loyalty and reduced turnover, as well as reduced costs and higher productivity.”

Dunn will share insight into – and best practices for – creating a global learning environment in a webinar scheduled for today at 12 p.m. GMT. To attend or access an archived version of the session, visit

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