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Empowering Minds: New Cornerstone Original Series to Help Managers Support an Anxious Workforce

Managers learn how to build an empowering environment where teams can thrive amid an unfamiliar and constantly changing world of work in two-minute, nano-coaching lessons

London. — Aug. 31, 2020 — Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSOD), a global leader in people development solutions, today announced the availability of Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb, a new Cornerstone Originals learning series in partnership with Liggy Webb, the award-winning and bestselling author of Resilience: How to Cope When Everything Around You Keeps Changing. The new learning series is designed to be a manager’s guide to stay mindful amid the challenges employees are experiencing today.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations have downsized their staff or shifted to remote work, creating a workplace full of unknown variables. This has increased the demand for online learning that caters to an anxious workforce under pressure to remain well and productive in a time of uncertainty. To address this, Cornerstone partnered with Liggy Webb, the founding director and CEO of The Learning Architect, an international consortium of life skills specialists, and transformed her celebrated Mindfit framework into nano-coaching courses that teach the power of resiliency and provide managers with simple, pragmatic tips and best practices to help manage stress.

Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb is rooted in preparing people for a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world. The training is broken up into 16 courses that offer bite-sized pieces of motivational learning with strategies, challenges, reflections, prompts and tips for managers meant to spark ideas and motivate leaders and put the Mindfit framework into action with newly acquired skills and learning.

“In this time of workplace upheaval, employees and managers need to tap into their innately human skillset to better manage the challenges ahead in their work and careers,” said Liggy Webb, CEO, The Learning Architect. “The Mindfit program is meant to give leaders and managers the psychological flexibility to deal with unforeseen circumstances, while remaining creative and keeping the organisation’s mission and business objectives in mind.”

By completing the series of courses, managers develop skills for adapting to change and managing anxious employees. Courses average about two minutes each and include topics like:

Resilient Mind: Give Your Team Space to Build Resilience

Curious Mind: It's OK Not to Have All the Answers

Flexible Mind: Switch It Up: Task Management in Chaos

Creative Mind: Tap into Your Team's Creative Potential

Kind Mind: Create Meaning in the Aftermath

"Employees are under an enormous amount of pressure to adapt to the demands of an evolving workplace, and it’s never been more important for managers to empower their teams to take risks and stay mindful amid change,” said Summer Salomonsen, Ed.D, Head of Cornerstone Studios. “We’re thrilled to partner with Liggy to offer this unique learning programme for managers that leverages their influential positions and provides them with the foundational tools to spark a newfound sense of resilience, creativity and flexibility among their teams.”

Vincent Belliveau, Chief Executive EMEA, Cornerstone OnDemand, added, “Right now, everyone is navigating through the unknown – whether that be remote working, a down-sized workforce or even starting to head back into the office – and here at Cornerstone we want to ensure that we’re guiding managers and employees alike through this continuously changing landscape. We know that this partnership with Liggy will help us to do just that, providing a key resource to help managers better support a possibly anxious workforce, offer inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward and to stay both well and productive in these unfamiliar and challenging times.”

The Cornerstone Originals learning series, Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb, is exclusively available through the Content Anytime Leadership and Management subscription.

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