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Cornerstone Expands Content Offerings and Deepens Learning Partnerships

Expansion of Cornerstone OnDemand’s content offerings, as well as the availability of integrations with LinkedIn Learning and Workplace by Facebook, help organisations prepare their workforces for the future

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – June 4, 2018  Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ:CSOD), a global leader in cloud-based learning and human capital management software, today announced it has expanded its learning and content offerings with new content partnerships and learning content subscriptions, in addition to the availability of integrations with LinkedIn Learning and Workplace by Facebook.

Cornerstone’s holistic approach to corporate learning combines its industry-leading learning management system with modern learning content and a personalised, Netflix-style learning experience that enables organisations such as Walgreens, Nestlé, BMW, Canon, T-Mobile and Western Union to foster a dynamic, learning-driven culture.

According to a recent survey of Cornerstone clients conducted in May 2018, an overwhelming majority of respondents (89 percent) believe that fostering a culture of continuous, life-long learning is very important for driving the success and longevity of an organisation. However, 39 percent of respondents described their organisation’s learning culture as transactional and compliance-based, missing a vital opportunity to enable their employees to develop new skills and prepare for future business needs.

Expanding Content Offerings

Cornerstone today announced new strategic relationships with premier learning content providers, as well as a range of new curated subscription offerings to extend its Cornerstone Content Anytime subscription service.

Cornerstone has already aligned with more than 30 global content providers to ensure the most modern and relevant courses are available to clients. Previously announced relationships include CyberU, Grovo, PowerForward, TED, Skill Pill and others. New additions to Cornerstone’s content ecosystem include:

  • Bookboon, the most user-friendly eBook solution for corporate learning with the highest usage rate in the industry.
  • ENI, creator and publisher of the unique international e-learning solution with practical exercises directly within office applications.
  • Pluralsight, technology learning platform that helps businesses and individuals close skills gaps in critical areas, innovate faster and deliver on key objectives.
  • Whil, the global leader in digital wellbeing training programmes to help employees reduce stress and live healthier, happier and more engaged lives.

Additionally, Cornerstone will be releasing new learning content subscription offerings with exclusive collections of learning courses curated in the following categories:

  • Industry Subscriptions. Courses will align with skills needed for individual industries, including healthcare, nonprofit, manufacturing and education.
  • Functional Subscriptions. These subscriptions will compile courses designed to enhance skills for certain job functions, such as those in sales, support and technology.
  • Thematic Subscriptions. These courses will improve skills centered on particular organisation-wide themes, such as compliance, executive leadership and digital transformation. 
  • Regional Subscriptions. Courses will be compiled by language for specific geographic regions.

The new subscription offerings will be available starting in the second half of 2018.

Integrating Learning into the Flow of Work

To further weave learning into the daily flow of work for employees, Cornerstone has enabled integrations between the Cornerstone Learning Suite and online learning platform LinkedIn Learning and Workplace by Facebook.

Available later this month, the integration with LinkedIn Learning allows Cornerstone Learning Suite users to access content from LinkedIn Learning seamlessly and track learning activity comprehensively, helping to further support daily employee learning activity and extensive organisational learning requirements. Helping to facilitate more informal learning opportunities, the integration with Workplace by Facebook allows users to share personally curated learning playlists assembled in Cornerstone Learning on their Workplace by Facebook newsfeed with the simple click of a button, with no need to switch between platforms.

Both integrations are available today to Cornerstone users via the Cornerstone Marketplace.

Comments on the News

“In order to stay relevant and competitive, organisations need to empower their workforces to consistently adapt and grow, and Cornerstone is committed to helping them establish cultures that are rooted in continuous, life-long learning,” said Adam Miller, founder and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand. “Our expanded subscription offerings provide our clients with a holistic solution to meet their learning needs today and into the future.”

“Providing relevant, compelling learning content is critical for successful employee development that benefits the business overall,” said Steven Carpenter, CEO, Grovo. "With Grovo's strength in micro-learning content and Cornerstone's leading cloud-based learning platform, our partnership helps a wider audience of businesses equip their employees to thrive in the modern workplace."

Additional Details

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone was founded with a passion for empowering people through learning and a conviction that people should be your organisation’s greatest competitive advantage.

Cornerstone is a global human capital management leader with a core belief that companies thrive when they help their employees to realize their potential. Putting this belief into practice, Cornerstone offers solutions to help companies strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Featuring comprehensive recruiting, personalised learning, development-driven performance management, and holistic HR planning, Cornerstone’s human capital management platform is successfully used by more than 3,500 global clients of all sizes, spanning more than 42 million users across 192 countries and 43 languages.

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