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Cornerstone OnDemand to Present Research Findings at Learning Live

Internal Recruitment Research Reveals Organisations May Be Overlooking the Best Candidates for New Roles: Their Own Employees

LONDON, 10 September 2014: Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD), a global leader in cloud-based talent management software solutions, today announced that Geoffroy De Lestrange, Marketing Manager, Cornerstone OnDemand and David Wilson, Managing Director, eLearnity, will be presenting the findings of a joint internal recruitment study, Your Company’s Got Talent, at Learning Live on 10 September at 2:45pm BST.

The study, which polled HR professionals representing 363 European organisations across a number of vertical sectors, found that organisations could be missing out on top talent and increasing costs by neglecting internal recruitment. According to the research, over three quarters of organisations (77 percent) understand that internal recruitment is critical, but 54 percent do less than a third of their recruiting from their existing employee base.

The presentation will discuss the key lessons and insights gathered from the study, including:

  • The priorities and context for internal and external talent

  • Who really drives the internal recruitment process?

  • What is the role of technology?

  • What are the outcomes from internal recruitment?

  • How does the UK differ from Germany, France and Italy?

“David and I are delighted to be presenting the findings of the Your Company’s Got Talent study,” said De Lestrange. “Employees are a company’s most important asset and therefore it makes sense for organisations to hold on to them by recruiting from within. Our research shows that there are currently barriers to organisations making the most of internal recruitment and reaping the benefits. In our presentation, we hope to dispel those barriers and highlight how organisations can achieve success through internal recruitment.”

To download the full report, Your Company’s Got Talent – Internal Recruitment Issues in the European Marketplace 2014, please click here.


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