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Banking on talent – Building a workforce for future success

Raiffeisen Bank

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Banking on talent –Building a workforce for future success

Raiffeisenbank is a leading international bank and one of the largest banking groups in CEE, offering a wide range of products and providing financial services in all customer segments.

The bank has become renowned for granting employees many opportunities to develop their careers internally, distinguishing it above its competitors, and establishing the bank as a great employer, with little employee attrition.

However, recently in the Czech Republic the bank has been facing multiple challenges. It has just acquired another company and is currently trying to assimilate the two companies and sets of employees. The Czech Republic also has very low unemployment at the moment, creating fierce competition for talent, as well as lowering employee satisfaction with internal career opportunities. This has placed far greater pressure on retention and internal career progression.

"At Raiffeisenbank we understand the importance of employees for the success of the business and we have always prided ourselves on offering great employee development and internal opportunities."
Zuzana Fialova
HR Process Manager

Why Cornerstone?

Previously, Raiffeisenbank’s HR processes were not properly interconnected, rather clunky and failing to maximise the potential of the internal portal.

With the increased importance of retention and talent pipelines, Raiffeisenbank wished to overhaul its system to seamlessly incorporate performance, development and talent planning, hoping to better aid internal employee development and uphold the company’s reputation for great internal mobility and career opportunities.

It was also vital that the new system was user-friendly and intuitive for both administrators and all endusers and able to fully deliver on their employee value proposition.

Using Cornerstone enabled Raffeisenbank to design an internal career site and rebuild its external career site, from re-designing job ads to streamlining the application process. Cornerstone Succession allowed Raiffeisenbank to also restructure its talent management process, enabling the alignment of performance management with specific job roles for general goals guidance, as well as, the running of detailed evaluation and collaboration activities across the whole organisation. The Cornerstone portal also facilitated the design of brand new development curricula and the creation of an interactive list of development activities.

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