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Strengthening Scotland’s local authorities and communities through virtual recruiting

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myjobscotland is the national recruitment website of Scottish Local Government, and run by the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA). With over 4.8 million candidates visiting the site annually, myjobscotland is the go-to place for job seekers looking to apply for roles within Scotland’s public services.

As the biggest public services’ jobs board in Scotland, myjobscotland is a key recruiting tool to building the public service workforce. The portal has seen huge growth in its 11 years of service, growing from six registered recruiters to 760 across local authorities, further and higher education establishments, early years providers and charities.

Like many recruiters during the coronavirus pandemic, myjobscotland organisations needed to continue operations whilst working remotely. Naturally, using video facilities was the right way forward but with tight council budgets, limited resources and concern over legal reporting requirements, finding a flexible solution that would cater for all recruiters’ needs was challenging.

Why Cornerstone?

myjobscotland has been a partner of TalentLink, and consequently Cornerstone OnDemand, since its launch, working together to achieve success, even providing a Customer Success Manager service to subscribers of the full TalentLink system.

"The team at myjobscotland was amazed by how quickly Cornerstone could implement video review within the portal, and the results have been incredible. Even after the pandemic, video will very much remain part of myjobscotland’s recruitment process, with 9 out of 10 councils who used video review continuing to use it, and this switch up has also paved the way to further modernise and improve moving forward, ensuring the best possible candidate experience"
Robyn Adamson
Digital Services Learning and Development Co-ordinator at COSLA

In light of COVID-19, myjobscotland needed a video questionnaire facility to share relevant questions to assess candidates and conduct pre-interview processes remotely. Recognising that public organisations are under increasing pressure to do more with less, it was critical that the return on investment was considered and identified throughout the project. Cornerstone and myjobscotland worked to understand from the outset what success would look
like, how this would be measured and myjobscotland facilitated shared learning sessions with councils throughout.

myjobscotland knew the transition may be challenging, with some councils sceptical of video at first. However, Cornerstone assured that the shift would be smooth, implementing solutions within 24 hours once requested, offering flexibility and helping to speed up processes rather than be a barrier.

Trials of the system were set up in 10 councils including Dundee City, City of Edinburgh, Glasgow City and Aberdeenshire.

The Results

Accelerated time-to-hire. Alongside a number of other process improvements, video review has helped achieve fantastic results – some councils reported Home Carer roles reducing from 74 days to offer and 119 day to hire to 15 days to offer and 44 days to hire. For roles such as Accountants, Solicitors and Headteachers, some councils reported time to offer is now just 10 days and time to hire 34 days.

Better candidate experience. Enabling video facilities within the recruitment process meant that candidates
no longer needed to travel, saving them time and money - one post saved £432 in travel costs. This enabled a wider talent pool, and 87% of candidates said they would like to conduct pre-interviews via video in the future.

Improved efficiency. Previously, pre-interview processes, such as identity verifications, were time-consuming. Now, these can be easily and quickly done through the video function, granting councils more time to focus on value-adding tasks.

Enhanced collaboration. Implementing the video function has sparked wider conversations about overall processes within the Scottish public sector. “...Working collaboratively with other local authorities across Scotland, we were able to effect change quickly, creating a digital shift that we want to embrace and keep in the future.” Janet Robertson, Head of Human Resources and Business Support, Dundee City Council.

Improved hiring manager experience. Across all councils involved in the pilot, 253 job roles used the video system, assessing 5,205 candidates. Feedback from those involved in the pilot found 100% of Hiring Managers thought the system was easy to use and helped shortlist further. “Using the Video Review Facility to help with short listing really brought to light skills that you don’t normally see at this stage. Seeing them deliver a prepared answer shows a level of competence you don’t get from their application form...” Karen Strachan, Senior HR Officer, Glasgow City Council.

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