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Fuelling innovation through employee learning


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Metso Outotec is a world-leading industrial company that helps enable modern life, offering equipment and services for the sustainable processing and flow of natural resources in the mining, aggregates, recycling and process industries. With its unique knowledge, technical know-how and innovative solutions, Metso Outotec works closely with its customers to improve their operational efficiency, reduce risks, increase profitability and drive their customers’ success.

This technological excellence stems from Metso Outotec’s people but with 15,000 employees across 50 different countries, it was difficult for Metso Outotec to align its learning and development. Previously, Metso Outotec was having to use multiple different systems in different businesses and locations. As a result, learning opportunities were not so readily available for all and it was harder to facilitate collaboration and for employees to proactively develop together.

Why Cornerstone?

Curiosity, and the knowledge this helps build, is key to Metso Outotec’s culture and ensuring that it continuously offers its customers new and innovative solutions. Metso Outotec recognised that this competence development was vital to help build a real competitive edge and to better facilitate this, it needed to have a coherent learning and training system for all its employees.

Having established a global learning and development team from different locations and businesses to define all the necessary criteria, Metso Outotec needed to find a system that could meet all of these requirements and deliver the variety of learning and development that Metso Outotec needed.

"Thanks to Cornerstone we have been able to start to create an environment where our employees feel truly valued, showing our interest and investment in their development and enabling our employees to drive their own careers and personal growth. We have always followed a philosophy of curiosity but now it’ll be even easier and simpler for our employees to find the learning opportunities and be continuously curious. In turn, sharing that knowledge with our customers and help them to grow as well."
Miia Taanila
Director Talent Management, Metso Outotec

The system needed to provide governance, whilst also offering a combination of more traditional learning such as classroom training, for example, and modern, digital learning approaches, such as social learning. With Cornerstone OnDemand, Metso Outotec found that everything they needed was there and all in one single platform to easily aid Metso Outotec’s desire for greater co-creation and collaboration among employees.

The Results

Enabled self-driven learning. Through introducing Cornerstone, Metso Outotec has granted all employees greater access to learning opportunities and ensured that they can incorporate learning into their everday work. With different kinds of content on offer, employees can pick and choose what learning and development is important to them and contribute to overall business goals as a result.

Simplified employee development. Now on the way to having a single, coherent system, management is being granted a clearer overview of employees’ development and by the end of this year Metso Outotec will have global records on all training, ensuring transparency and governance. This also enables management to steer and follow up on competence development in a much more systematic way and drive critical business topics, such as customer centricity, that all employees need to improve on.

Created a culture of sharing and innovation. Metso Outotec’s culture of curiosity could only be fed if employees were able to share their expertise and knowledge and with Cornerstone, all employees can now easily share insights with one another and learn altogether. The platform is also faciliting greater co-creation, helping Metso Outotec’s employees to drive innovation for their customers.

Enhanced employer brand. Talent is a key differentiator for Metso Outotec but like many other businesses and industries it is having to face the challenge of the lack of talent. Through Cornerstone, employees can now discover their growth potential and create their own careers, improving employee engagement and helping to retain and attract new employees.

Extended culture of learning. Beyond its own employees, Metso Outotec is now able to easily share knowledge and training with its external network, such as distributors, helping to ensure that they truly understand Metso Outotec’s products, services and how the company works. Being able to extend this learning has created a wider learning community and is enabling both Metso Outotec and its external network to develop and innovate together – a keystone for building the company’s success.

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