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Delivering an all inclusive learning experience

Melia Hotels

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Meliá Hotels International is one of the largest international hotel groups and the number one hotel group in Spain. Over the course of its 64-year history, Meliá has remained true to its origins in the resort hotel industry, an area where it continues to lead innovation, and believes in evoking a sense of belonging towards its customers and employees. Being a hospitable business by nature, Meliá is a believer in putting people and their experiences first, especially when it comes to its employees, but as a global business, the company found it challenging to address each individual employee’s journey whilst adapting and aligning to local priorities. Whilst improving the employee experience was the main goal, Meliá sought a solution that could transform learning to support the business needs and promote the employability of its people and their contribution to society and the tourism sector.

Why Cornerstone?

Meliá wanted to find a LMS system that was capable of managing learning programmes for all employees both on a global and local level, and incorporated a range of learning materials both online and face-to face to suit all learners. The system needed to be mobile-friendly, given that many of Meliá’s employees did not work at a desk, and provide a simple user experience that was responsive to the business needs. Not only was Cornerstone’s Learning solution able to offer a one-stop-shop system for learning at Meliá, it could also provide a host of impressive, modern tools to further enhance the employee journey and create a seamless experience for the HR team.

"Cornerstone has helped us achieve huge results in just a few months and our employees are really enjoying having one platform for all their learning needs. We’re also seeing employees from different roles and different locations interact with one another which is encouraging a real community feel and sense of belonging. With Cornerstone by our side, we’re feeling ambitious and optimistic for the future and feel prepared for whatever lies ahead."
Sonia Guisado Antoine
Learning & Development Partner at Meliá Hotels International

Features such as automatic reporting, blended training and the social and collaboration platform, along with the attractive look and feel of the system made Cornerstone a worthy player to take on the challenge at Meliá.

After completing a rigorous benchmark of 12 different vendors, Cornerstone was chosen by Meliá to transform the company’s elearning system and help improve the employee experience.

Why Accenture?

Thanks to our partnership with Accenture, Meliá was able to quickly launch its dedicated LMS platform, eMeliá, in just six months to more than 15,000 employees worldwide We adopted a hybrid approach based on Accenture’s Agile Iterative methodology, and Cornerstone’s 4- step (discovery, design, implementation and deployment) methodology.

A speedy implementation was made possible thanks to Accenture Accelerators, which included an implementation starter pack, Cornerstone for Accenture and migration tools, detailed planning, key deliverables and manuals, all of which were supported and approved by Cornerstone alongside a strong investment in innovation for rapid administrator and employee adoption—with the help of interactive guides and chatbots.

The Results

Hunger for learning: Since its launch, eMeliá has received more than four million page views and more than 267.888 hours of training have been recorded by employees on the platform.

In the first month alone, employees completed 5,333 learning modules, increasing to 313,398 after just a few months. Thanks to Cornerstone, learning is now thriving at Meliá and being incorporated into employees’ daily tasks.

Stronger connection with employees: Not only did the eMeliá platform support employee’s learning, it also acted as safe space for Meliá employees to connect with their peers and managers. This was particularly prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic where Meliá launched its global “Stay Safe with Meliá” programme, which offered stringent post-COVID-19 health and safety standards training. As a global company, Meliá Hotels International has always relied on the excellence of its team to provide the best hotel experience for guests, and eMeliá was key to ensuring that hotel teams worldwide were fully prepared. The programme also acknowledged the stresses and strains of the pandemic on staff, and included a section focused on the emotional wellbeing of employees. During this time, eMeliá had an average of 17,984 monthly active users, up from 1,000 monthly active users in previous months.

Enhanced employee experience: For Meliá, four main phases define the employee experience: attract, onboard, perform and grow. Since the launch of the eMeliá platform, employees now feel in charge of their own career path at Meliá and have better awareness of open opportunities within the company. As a result, Meliá is now filling 70% of its vacancies internally, further enhancing career paths within the company and helping employees realise their potential

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