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Bound for digital recruitment success

Luxair Group

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Bound for digital recruitment success

LuxairGroup is Luxembourg’s main aviation company. It has four business units: Luxair Luxembourg Airlines, which operates regular flights to 20 destinations in Europe; LuxairTours, the tour operator division which serves around 40 holiday destinations in and around Europe; LuxairCARGO, a major air-freight handler at Luxembourg airport, and LuxairServices, the company’s airport services division.

With recruitment being a continual process, LuxairGroup is constantly looking for specialised, well-trained people, who can identify with the company’s values - caring, responsible and passionate – in order to develop services that put customers first.

In total, LuxairGroup recruits 300 staff members a year for all of its 250 different job positions. This is a demanding task for a company with only 2,500 employees.

Previously, these recruitment processes were not centralised and were handled by each business unit via HR business partners. This resulted in inconsistencies. Job profiles were not defined properly and job descriptions could change during the recruitment process.

"Beforehand, recruitment processes were inconsistent, with changing standards across the organisation. Through Cornerstone, every aspect of recruitment has been aligned and professionalised. We are now evolving in the right direction for talent acquisition"
Anne Pasquel
Talent Manager

Why Cornerstone

LuxairGroup needed to improve its recruitment and reduce HR administration. LuxairGroup recognised the need to implement an online recruitment tool to standardise the recruitment process through one simple, central system.

This online tool also had to facilitate the introduction of assessments for external recruitment and to accommodate the different requirements within LuxairGroup, properly educating managers to be responsible for their own recruitment and to execute all requests and approvals online.

LuxairGroup also wished to find a recruitment solution which could offer the scope and possibility to develop beyond recruitment and towards a more business strategic talent acquisition.

Cornerstone offered LuxairGroup the best opportunity to use the same provider for their entire workforce and for every stage in the employee lifecycle. Having already used Cornerstone for training, LuxairGroup understood the benefits of the technology.

Close cooperation between Cornerstone and LuxairGroup helped to configure the system efficiently. Whenever LuxairGroup faced any particular difficulties, Cornerstone provided assistance by organising a workshop to demonstrate how to address and overcome them.

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