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Modern learning brings insurance company closer to vision


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Modern learning brings insurance company closer to vision

Lloyd’s of London is the world’s leading insurance market, providing specialist insurance services in over 200 locations. It has around 1,000 employees, but its market includes 30,000 to 40,000 people in syndicates and broking firms across the globe. The company operates in a volatile and ever-evolving space covering unique risks – from the very first motor car to America Ferrera’s smile, meaning continuous learning and compliance are critical.

Employee feedback showed that employee learning at Lloyd’s was too Londoncentric, with employees not having a clear understanding of the training and learning available across the organisation. The learning system was supply driven and workshop-based, transactional and reactive.

In 2016, Lloyd’s wanted to combat this by establishing the ‘Lloyd’s University’, which would raise digital learning standards, help it become the default learning provider for insurance, to align with the company’s overall HR strategy of retaining talented people within the industry and developing their professionalism and expertise.

"We can’t achieve our business strategy without having the best trained people, and Cornerstone is helping us achieve that faster than anticipated."
Eric Linin
Head of Talent Development

Why Cornerstone?

Lloyd’s needed a modern system that would help it roll out a high-quality unified, relational and proactive learning system across its global market. It wanted to be able to electronically link development plans to the learning curriculum, so employees could easily access career goals and increase experience, and to be able to constantly develop and innovate, while keeping up with the changing nature of the business.

It was also aware that many smaller organisations within its market wouldn’t have the time or resources to implement their own modern learning systems, and knew it needed a scalable solution that would help with its commitment to supporting its market firms, maintaining the quality of employees within them, and upholding Lloyd’s reputation as a provider of high quality development solutions.

Lloyd’s chose Cornerstone OnDemand’s Learning and Performance Suites to address these needs, enabling it to offer digital learning across the globe.

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