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Leeds City Council

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In 2012, backed by a new CEO, the Leeds team embarked on a programme of change to become a more enterprising and efficient organisation. It developed a set of priorities for action, one of which was concerned with improving all aspects of performance and learning.

The council makes a significant investment in developing its workforce and was keen to map the skills, knowledge and any gaps in the workforce. However, this was no easy task because of the size of LCC.

The team needed the system and the skills to be in place within the year to match the appraisal timeframe and meet the new CEO’s demand for a “quality appraisal for everyone.”

Graham Sephton, Senior HR Business Partner, and project manager for the system implementation commented, “We had large scale changes we wanted to introduce, which included appraisals and learning. An important part of our strategy was to find a system that would, first and foremost, give staff and managers a high quality self-service experience. Improving access and visibility of management information and cutting administration through automation was also key.”

Why Cornerstone

With this aim, the Council chose to partner with QA and Cornerstone. QA designed bespoke appraisal skills courses with supporting eLearning, as well as ‘off theshelf’ and bespoke training courses accessible through the Cornerstone system. In addition, through the Cornerstone system the Council could monitor whohad completed the training, allowing it to measure progress against its objectives. The Cornerstone system went live between May and July 2012.

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