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E-learning easy and accessible to build future-ready workforce


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E-learning easy and accessible to build future-ready workforce

Admiral Group’s story is one of rapid growth and innovation. In 1993, the then start-up had only 57 employees and no customers but has since grown to become a leading car insurance provider in the U.K. with operations in eight other countries. The company largely credits this success to its commitment to engaging and developing its people since day one.

Now, with 9,500 employees across Europe, India, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, it was clear that the company’s previous learning management system (LMS) could no longer support the scale of the company as it grew both geographically and in size. Admiral needed a cloud-based system that not only provided deeper insight and visibility into employee training needs and compliance, but also would be intuitive and easy to use. Having gathered employee feedback, Admiral realised it needed a solution that is as easy to use as services like Netflix, Facebook or Amazon.

"Cornerstone was the leader in terms of its interface, ability and longevity, and we also heard great things about the support available from Cornerstone’s team."
Mark Andrews
e-learning coordinator

Why Cornerstone?

Admiral took a smart approach by gaining employee buy-in throughout the process of implementing the new system. This made sure that there was a true understanding of the purpose of the system throughout the workforce, even before it was rolled out. It was also important to Admiral that its employees’ preferences were taken into consideration. Employees were surveyed and took part in focus groups to identify the features users both liked and disliked.

Cornerstone could provide the user experience Admiral needed by ensuring the right content is easily accessible, by tracking progress and by facilitating collaboration.

Admiral was set on creating a learning experience that its employees would truly appreciate and be engaged with – making Cornerstone the clear choice. Admiral made Cornerstone ‘theirs’ by renaming it iLearn and shaping the system from its employees’ perspective.

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