What does Big Data bring to recruitment?
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What does Big Data bring to recruitment?

Talent Management

What does Big Data bring to recruitment?

February 03, 2016 Geoffroy De Lestrange

How can you be sure that, completely objectively, you’ve recruited the right person?

Whether you’re reviewing anonymous VCs or not, discrimination has a way of sneaking through as a results of ‘cognitive biases’. For example, even when candidates have equal qualifications and skills, a recruiter will tend to favour the candidate who resembles him or her.

By taking away the judgements we make unconsciously, predictive analytics and big data go a long way into helping HR recruit effectively.

Companies hold trillions piece of data on their employees and this can be particularly useful for recruiting new joiners. By reviewing this data – for example on employees length of services, performance, customer satisfaction rate – a company is able to give recruiters insight into what makes a good hire.

On the occasion of such predictive analytics, shatter stereotypes. In the United States, the Cornerstone software recently highlighted the fact that former convicts proved to be good performers because particularly motivated to stay. The same software has established that there is no difference between hiring a candidate who has endured long-term unemployed to one that hasn’t – their performance and length of stay is the same.

And that’s just the use of big data in the recruitment process. In May, we announced Cornerstone Insights which applies sophisticated data science to workforce data, enabling business leaders to answer burning questions about how to use data to better hire, train, manage and retain top talent. For more information on Cornerstone Insight, http://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/tags/predictive-analytics

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Associate Director Product Marketing EMEA at Cornerstone OnDemand


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