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We love learning


We love learning

May 12, 2017 Nelson Kwan and Alicia Roy

There comes a time in every Cornerstar’s life when they ask the question “what on earth is Dev Day?”

To some of us it’s a chance to learn a new skill, to others it provides the perfect opportunity to share something they’re good at or are passionate about. To Cornerstone it’s a regular, valuable and fun part of our continuous learning culture – we never stop learning :)

Dev Day runs every other month and all of us are encouraged to make time on this dedicated day to invest in our personal and professional development by attending any sessions we’re interested in. Some take place in one of our 15 regional offices and some online. Past topics range from ‘an introduction to Egyptian street food’ and ‘ukulele masterclass’ to ‘running more engaging WebEx presentations’ and ‘tips on making the most of Gainsight’, a tool that helps us manage our client portfolios.

Today, Athens is home to the biggest Dev Day ever run in the history of Cornerstone EMEA. Cornerstars will come together to learn from our incredibly talented peers with some 12+ brilliant sessions on offer, including ‘From sponges to people – a (really) short review of ALL animals on Earth’, ‘How to manage my family as a project’, a fun Capoeira class and Greek beer tasting!

This Dev Day could see us learning something seemingly random that ends up being instrumental to winning a pub trivia quiz, or it could spectacularly ignite a new life-long passion. Whatever it brings, I know one thing for certain – it will be another awesome day in the life of a Cornerstar.


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