SUEZ looks to Cornerstone to make its digital transformation a success
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SUEZ looks to Cornerstone to make its digital transformation a success

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SUEZ looks to Cornerstone to make its digital transformation a success

April 11, 2018 Susan Hilliar

SUEZ provides sanitation services for 58 million inhabitants, reusing 882 million m3 of wastewater, recovering 16.9 million tons of waste per year and producing 7 TWh of local and renewable energy.

With 83,921 employees and operating on all five continents, SUEZ is continuously developing and evolving, and processes and needs for managing human resources differ across all departments and countries.

A necessary digitalisation of its HR processes

SUEZ initially started with a pilot phase for nearly 19,000 employees, including core HR (HR data management), as well as performance and development interviews. Very convincing results for interview completion rates, along with the coherence and quality of project management, led SUEZ to extend the program to the entire Group in early 2017.

Suez has now chosen to make extensive use of the Cornerstone HCM platform:

  • Cornerstone Recruiting Suite for managing external applications and internal mobility
  • Cornerstone HR Suite to manage HR data and have better overall workforce visibility
  • Cornerstone Performance Suite to manage goals, interviews, succession planning, and the awarding of bonuses
  • Cornerstone Learning Suite to manage training and enable managers and employees to be more involved in their skills development
  • Flexibility, responsiveness and reliability to aid talent management

Thanks to the Cornerstone HCM platform, SUEZ will address the following strategic issues:

- accelerating the integration of BU into the unique SUEZ brand
- boosting employer brand and internal mobility
- optimising talent retention
- having a reliable HR repository to improve the accuracy of reporting
- integrating data from different sources
- managing both group policy and local specificities

Cornerstone's unified database enables the progressive deployment of an integrated HCM platform and can provide reliable, consolidated reporting across all entities. In addition, it fulfils SUEZ’s need for its chosen software to easily integrate with local systems, regardless of the data’s origin, and to correspond with the needs of each subsidiary. The user experience also needed to be flexible and to fully integrate training management. The Cornerstone team, which supports the project from start to finish with insightful, technical experts, was also a decisive factor for SUEZ choosing Cornerstone.

If these challenges of bringing together different business units as well as optimising and standardising systems feel familiar to you and you'd like to learn more, here is the link to the full SUEZ story:

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