Recruitment Hacking, Part 5: Managing your inbox to make time to hire.
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Recruitment Hacking, Part 5: Managing your inbox to make time to hire.

Recruitment Hacking

Recruitment Hacking, Part 5: Managing your inbox to make time to hire.

June 08, 2015 Peter Gold

This blog post is number 5 in the Recruitment Hacking series. You can see all of them under the Recruitment Hacking category and to get the entire series and more download the Cornerstone Recruitment Hacking Handbook.

E-mail sucks the life out of your day so this is the next place to look for more efficiency.

A great email add-on is Sanebox which simply adds a folder and works out which email is important and what can wait until later. Most emails can of course wait until later. Although Sanebox filters my email nicely into read now (15-20%) vs. read later it was the @saneblackhole feature that I loved the most. All of those annoying newsletters that I could in effect stop clogging up my inbox in one click without having to go through an unsubscribe process. That feature alone has saved me hours cleaning up my inbox. My aim was to have very little (SPAM) email that I had to put into @saneblackhole and after only a few months I went from adding numerous emails to the blackhole every day to only 1 or 2 a week.

In addition to @saneblackhole I can add my own folders such as @SaneTomorrow @SaneNextWeek etc. and decide how many days/hours/weeks my email will be delayed. This is a really quick way of keeping my inbox clean and my email managed without me spending too much time actually managing it.

Tools like Sanebox work on Gmail and Outlook so should be suitable for pretty much any organisation at a cost of less than a single ad on a job board. But, you may of course not want a "machine" to filter your email as you may miss something although in reality you won't. None of your email is deleted, simply filtered and you can simply change the filter for any email to suit you. 

The other side of email coming in is email going out. Download the Cornerstone Recruitment Hacking Handbook to find some of the nifty email tracking tools to save you yet more time on those emails you send.

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