Recruitment Hacking, Part 4: The love vs. hate list.
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Recruitment Hacking, Part 4: The love vs. hate list.

Recruitment Hacking

Recruitment Hacking, Part 4: The love vs. hate list.

June 08, 2015 Peter Gold

This blog post is number 4 in the Recruitment Hacking series. You can see all of them under the [blog category link] and to get the entire series and more download the Cornerstone Recruitment Hacking Handbook.

To make more time to focus on hiring you need to hack your day and methodically remove anything that makes you inefficient - starting with a simple list. It can be paper or electronic (mine is on Google Keep). I list out the things I do each day/week and put them in the relevant column i.e. love doing it or hate doing it. For example an Inhouse Recruiter list might look something like this:  



Taking the brief

Writing job adverts


Searching the ATS database

Telephone interviewing

Posting jobs


Screening candidates

Negotiating offers

Sending rejects

Making offers

Organising interviews

Welcoming new hires


I then set myself a time target of 75% love, 25% hate and share this with my support team. What is really important here is that just because you hate it does not mean someone else feels the same. When you delegate your hate tasks just make sure you delegate to someone who is happy doing them. But you also have to get the balance of delegating to a person vs. delegating to a machine. So as an example, I have delegated my admin to a person but my email to a machine.

By getting rid of the tasks that you hate, do badly and inefficiently you will save hours per week and you’ll feel a lot happier about what you achieve in any given day. Providing you stay focused.

But even if you can't delegate everything (or anything) to someone else probably the biggest time suck is email yet technology alone can do a lot to save you many hours every week. Download the Cornerstone Recruitment Hacking Handbook to find out how.

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