The application process – how recruitment can affect your company brand
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The application process – how recruitment can affect your company brand


The application process – how recruitment can affect your company brand

June 11, 2018 Michael Grotherr

Businesses are known to do almost anything to please their customers. However, when it comes to applicants, they sometimes miss the mark. It is commonplace for applicants to either receive delayed or no feedback following their application, which can leave a bad impression of the company they applied to. Whether they’re the right person for the job or not, candidates should still be looked after, as their recruitment experience will be influential to your company image.  In the wake of digital transformation, recruiters should be looking after their applicants during the recruitment process and get out of any bad recruiting habits.

Bad application processes can have consequences

A negative recruiting experience can have huge consequences for the employer’s future recruitment and its brand. According to a survey by Ph.Attraction, 12% of British jobseekers have refrained from purchasing products or services from a brand because of a bad candidate experience, causing brands to lose revenue and reputation.

There are many factors that can influence whether a candidate has good or bad recruiting experience. Some of the most common factors include:  

  • Timely application feedback
  • Transparency of company culture and values across corporate communications
  • Online forms that can be easily navigated 

In the age of social media and the internet, a bad impression can easily and quickly spread to the general public, therefore it’s essential to have a healthy company profile and build a positive relationship with candidates - whether you plan to hire them or not.

The importance of employer branding in recruiting

For potential applicants, their first contact with a new employer is of utmost importance as it can give them clues about the company culture. For example, if a company chooses not to respond to applications, it could suggest that the company does not take their recruiting seriously and therefore doesn’t respect its workforce.  who expect versatile development training opportunities and value a work-life balance. In order to meet these high expectations, the application process must be seamless. Instead of sitting back and waiting for suitable candidates to fill vacancies on their own, companies need to be proactive and become a brand that recruits applicants. Communicate your culture to potential recruits and show off the reasons why your company would be great to work for. This will not only boost your talent pool but improve your employer branding.

A strong employer brand can make a company significantly more attractive, particularly for skilled workers. Employees who are emotionally attached to the employer brand are also likely to perform at their best, thereby contributing to an overall increase in the company’s image. In addition, companies that are known to attract qualified applicants can increase their visibility and thus their corporate value. Is that really worth risking by not recruiting in the best way possible?

About Michael Grotherr

Michael Grotherr is Vice President for Sales in Central Europe at Cornerstone OnDemand since 2017. He works from Munich and has extensive and detailed industry knowledge regarding strategic leadership, corporate development and human capital management, which he has... more


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