The Gender pay gap – where the problem starts
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The Gender pay gap – where the problem starts


The Gender pay gap – where the problem starts

January 21, 2020 Alexandra Anders

Our EMEA Talent Director, Alex Anders, recently spoke to us about a topic she’s particularly passionate about: Diversity & Inclusion and the gender pay gap. We’ve now hit 2020 but it seems like this is an issue that is not going away any time soon.

In this video, she explores how the problem of the gender pay gap starts right at the very beginning with recruitment. If you get it wrong here, the gender pay gap will always be there. So, what changes should your company be making and how else can your business better support greater gender equality beyond an equal salary? Check out this video to find out more.

About Alexandra Anders

Alexandra Anders is an innovative HR Leader with experience in a diverse range of industries and particular expertise in the implementation of successful change management and performance management tools. Passionate about diversity, inclusion, effective training,... more


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