Developing a learning culture at Schneider Electric with Cornerstone
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Developing a learning culture at Schneider Electric with Cornerstone


Developing a learning culture at Schneider Electric with Cornerstone

March 02, 2020 Gareth Spencer

Developing a learning culture starts with breaking the existing mindset that learning equals training and encouraging people to talk about learning every day. Instead of learning being a task or activity that employees do, it should be embedded into the flow of life and work.

We spoke to Belinda Liu, SVP Learning Solutions at Schneider Electric, about how the company revolutionised its learning culture by embracing digital learning. Belinda talks about how Schneider Electric leveraged Cornerstone Learning and Extended Enterprise to provide employees with a one-stop-shop system for learning, encouraging them to find learning moments every day.

Using Cornerstone, Schneider Electric was able to consistently deliver it’s ‘Schneider Essentials’ messaging across the whole organisation through a centralised system, and employees are now learning the skills for today and tomorrow in a way that suits them. By leveraging Cornerstone functionalities Schneider Electric has also increased the overall efficiency of the training process.

Over the last five years, digital learning consumption at Schneider Electric has tripled with over 130,000 employees having access to Cornerstone in 14 languages. Schneider Electric has seen a learning evolution across the business, there is now a positive correlation between learning and staff engagement. Previously digital learning was only at 14% (2014), this has now increased to 40% (2019).

Hear more from Belinda by clicking play on the video below.

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