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Cornerstars helping the community


Cornerstars helping the community

May 10, 2017 Nelson Kwan and Belen Tallon

Today started with Vincent Belliveau looking back at the history of CSOD in EMEA and how it has grown from 1 person to 350 in 10 years. Adam Miller followed with a talk about the past, the future and how Cornerstone is ‘Built To Last’!

The afternoon team activity was to build wheelchairs, 30 in total, a task that not only focused on collaboration but one that gave us a chance to give back to a community of disabled people with serious mobility problems.

Each team was given various wheelchair parts and some tools; the twist was that we didn’t have every part required – we had to solve various puzzles and tasks which we could exchange for the extra parts at ‘The Wheelchair Store’. After our wheelchairs were built, we had to take them to the ‘Safety Inspection’ station for certification.

Once all our wheelchairs were built and deemed road-worthy – and the team photos were taken – they were donated to a representatives from The Pan-Hellenic Association of Paraplegics and The Multiple Sclerosis Society, who assist people with severe physical disabilities and improve their quality of life by giving them mobility and freedom to do everyday activities such as shopping and visiting friends.

This for us really reflects one of the core values of Cornerstone – that of giving back to society. Adam Miller started Cornerstone in 1999 with the aim of making learning accessible to everyone to help them realise their potential. 17 years later we are all here, all still working towards that same goal.


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