Bridging the gap: Ensuring knowlege transfer betwen baby-boomers & millenials
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Bridging the gap: Ensuring knowlege transfer betwen baby-boomers & millenials

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Bridging the gap: Ensuring knowlege transfer betwen baby-boomers & millenials

April 21, 2015 Sascha Grosskopf

As of this year, millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce.  In America especially, its staff are young: 62% are from Generation Y, 29% are from Generation X and just 9% are baby-boomers. Whilst much is said about the skills Gen Y brings to companies, it’s important that baby-boomers and millennials work hand-in-hand so that knowledge and experience is not lost.

To fill the knowlege that appears when an experienced employee leaves,  HR has to create innovative learning approaches, that fit to the different generations within the company.

Knowledge management and customized learning offerings become increasingly important. The knowledge of the seniors must be collected, shared and easily accessible to newer employees.  At this point, innovative and flexible Learning Management Systems (LMS) can provide decisive support.

Our three top tips to boost knowledge transfer between generations is to:

  • Encourage self-made content: With the majority of us owning smartphones, it’s easy to create quick videos to demonstrate best practice – furthermore, videos are easy to watch
  • Skills swap: Create an exchange of knowlege and skills. As much as millennials benefit from the experience, baby-boomers may want to brush up on the latest technologies
  • Make it accessable on any device: Time spend on mobile devices goes up every year – we now spend an average of 2 hours 26 mins. It’s imporatnt to give employees to choice to flick between laptop, smarthone or tablet – especially if they want to learn while on the go

Learning environments have to be tailored to the needs and learning styles of different employee groups and generations. Learning content has to be attractive, especially for the younger generation, so that the learning process is fun and the employees use the tools offered by the company. A learning platform must therefore be easy to use and, with a few clicks, lead to the desired content. 

About Sascha Grosskopf

Sascha Grosskopf is Head of the EMEA Fieldmarketing team at Cornerstone OnDemand, he is a digital leader, story teller, presenter and well known in the HR-Tech space - he knows how HR can make the big change for organisations.


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